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Cumberland County (Virginia) Committee



At a meeting of the Committee for Cumberland County, held on Wednesday, the 17th of May, 1775:

Mr˙ Chairman opened the business of the day by laying before the Committee informations lately received by express from the Northward, respecting the Government of New-York, amongst which is a Resolution of the Maryland Provincial Convention, for immediately suspending all Exportations from that Province to Quebeck, Nova-Scotia, Georgia, and Newfoundland, or any part of the Fishing Coasts, or Fishing Islands, and to the Town of Boston, until the Continental Congress shall give farther directions thereon: Whereupon the Committee, after the maturest deliberation, came to the following Resolutions:

Resolved unanimously, That this Committee doth heartily approve of the said Resolution of the Maryland Provincial Convention, as well concerted upon the view of the present conjuncture of affairs, and doth recommend it as a proper rule of conduct to all men.

Resolved, That the present alarming situation of American affairs, especially in the Province of New-York, renders it absolutely necessary that a Colony Convention be immediately called; and this Committee do recommend it to Robert Carter Nicholas, Esquire, in the most earnest terms, to call a Colony Convention as speedily as possible, provided the General Assembly now called to meet on the first Thursday in June, shall be prorogued to a farther day.