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By his Excellency Sir JAMES WRIGHT, Baronet, Captain-General, Governour and Commander-in-Chief in and over his Majesty' s Province of GEORGIA, Chancellor, Vice-Admiral, and Ordinary of the same:


Whereas, the Collector of his Majesty' s Customs in the Port of Savannah, in this Province, did, on Wednesday, the fifteenth day of February, instant, in the Stores and upon a Wharf, (at the distance of about a quarter of a mile from the Town of Savannah,) in the occupation of Andrew Elton Wells, seize and take in his possession eight hogsheads of Molasses, and six hogsheads and one barrel of French Sugars, the Duties arising therefrom not having been discharged or paid; and the better to secure the said effects, appointed one James Egdar, a waiter, usually employed, to take care of the same, and applied for and obtained two Seamen from his Majesty' s armed Schooner the Saint John, to assist the said waiter. And whereas, about twelve of the clock of the night ensuing the same day, a large number of people, disguised with their faces smutted, and armed with Pistols and Cutlasses, in a very riotous and unlawful manner, assembled themselves together and proceeded to the place where the effects seized as aforesaid remained in the possession and under the care of the persons aforesaid, and there struck, and in a very riotous and disorderly manner abused the waiter aforesaid, tore his clothes from his body, and tarred and feathered him, and threw the Seamen over the wharf into the River Savannah, and rescued, removed, and carried off the effects so as aforesaid seized. And whereas, one of the Seamen, namely, David Martin, was seen in the water begging for mercy, and hath not since, although the most diligent inquiry hath been made after him, been seen or heard of, and from the former conduct of said Seaman, and many other circumstances declared upon oath, there is the greatest and most probable reason to believe the said David Martin, not being permitted to come out of the River, there perished and was drowned.

And whereas, such proceedings are not only shocking, unwarrantable, and illegal, but subject the offenders and perpetrators thereof to great and severe pains and penalties; and it is highly necessary such atrocious offenders should receive the punishments due to their offences. To the intent, therefore, that the persons concerned in the above matters and offences, may be apprehended and brought to condign punishment, I have thought fit, by and with the advice of his Majesty' s Honourable Council, to issue this my Proclamation, offering, and I do hereby promise a reward of Fifty Pounds, lawful money of this Province, to any person or persons who will give such information against any one or more who was active and concerned in rescuing the effects aforesaid, and in committing the other riotous, unlawful, and unwarrantable proceedings, so as he or they may be apprehended upon and convicted of the said offences; the said reward to be paid upon conviction of any one or more of the offenders. And if any person who may have been an accomplice, (other than the person or persons who actually treated the Waiter in the manner above described, or actually threw or forced the Seaman, non-resisting, into the River,) will inform me, he shall receive his Majesty' s pardon, and be admitted as King' s evidence.

Given under my hand and the great seal of his Majesty' s Province, at the Council Chamber, in Savannah, the twenty-first day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, and in the fifteenth year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third.


By his Excellency' s command,

THOS˙ MOODIE, Dep˙ Secretary.

God save the King.