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Petition of the Town of Salem


Petition from the Selectmen of Salem humbly sheweth: That, in obedience to a Resolve of the late Provincial Congress, they procured a considerable number of blankets, fire-arms, and accoutrements, for the soldiers enlisted from Salem into the American Army, but found it in many cases impracticable, in others that it would be attended with much trouble, to pursue strictly the directions of that resolve; by reason whereof, the Committee of Supplies say they are not authorized to settle the accounts respecting the same. Wherefore, your petitioners pray your Honours to take the necessary measures for the settlement of said accounts, and other accounts of expenses incurred in providing necessaries for said soldiers, that so the money may be paid immediately, and your petitioners enabled to satisfy the demands, and get rid of the importunities of the persons of whom they received the several articles supplied by them or their order to the soldiers aforesaid. They also pray that a reasonable allowance may be made them for the expense arising in obtaining a settlement of said accounts. And, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.