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Henry Sheafe ordered immediately to build a Barge for His Majesty' s Ship Asia


Ordered, That the Report of the Committee of Ways and Means be recommitted to the same Committee.

Whereas, agreeable to a Resolution of this Congress, the Mayor and Magistrates of this City have been requested to procure a Barge to be built for His Majesty' s Ship Asia, to replace the one lately destroyed; and this Congress being informed that the Carpenters in this City decline undertaking to build the said Barge, being apprehensive, by threats given out by some persons, if they should undertake to build the said Barge, that the same may not only be destroyed, but that their persons or property may be injured or insulted:

Resolved, That all persons who have given such obstruction, by threats, to the execution of the aforesaid order, or shall hereafter by threats or violence oppose the same, ought to be considered as factious, disorderly members of the community, and as guilty of a dangerous attempt to destroy the authority of this Congress, and to render them contemptible.

Resolved, That for the purpose of effectually carrying into execution the said order, and to defeat the malicious designs of such as dare to condemn or oppose the authority and orders of this House, Mr˙ Henry Sheaf be ordered immediately to set about building a proper Barge for the said Ship Asia, and to finish her with all possible despatch. And that Colonel Lasher be ordered to furnish a sufficient guard, who are to be relieved at the discretion of the Colonel, to protect the said Barge while building, and to see her safely delivered for the use of the said Ship. And the Magistrates as well as the other inhabitants of this City are requested to give all necessary aid in this business, that it may be known whether a few rash and restless individuals out of doors, or the representative body of the Colony in this Congress, are to direct the measures for our publick safety at this dangerous and critical juncture.

Resolved, That if any person or persons shall be found threatening or attempting to destroy the said Barge, they be taken into custody by the said guard, and detained till the order of this Congress shall be made respecting them.

Ordered, That these Resolutions be published in Holt' s and Rivington' s Newspapers to-morrow.