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Deposition Taken by Order of the Provincial Congress of Massachusetts


[No˙ 6.]

Lexington, April 25, 1775.

We, Benjamin Tidd, of Lexington, and Joseph Abbott, of Lincoln, in the County of Middlesex, and Colony of Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England, of lawful age, do testify and declare, that on thq morning of the nineteenth of April instant, about five o' clock, being on Lexington common, and mounted on horses, we saw a body of Regular Troops marching up to the Lexington Company which was then dispersing. Soon after the Regulars fired first a few guns, which we took to be pistols from some of the Regulars who were mounted on horses, and then the said Regulars fired a volley or two before any guns were fired by the Lexington Company. Our horses immediately started and we rode off. And further saith not.