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Depositions against Townsend and Scarborough


November 30, 1775.

William Willis being sworn on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God, deposeth and saith, that Levin Tounsend sent for this deponent, and that he accordingly went, and said Levin Tounsend told this deponent that if he wanted salt he might have it down at the mouth of Pocomoke river, and that this deponent asked him who had it, and said Levin Tounsend said it was his brother Luke, and that he might have it almost for going for, and that this deponent agreed to go; and after they had proceeded so far as Oystershell Town, this deponent asked where the vessel was that had the salt, and that the said Levin Tounsend said he imagined it was lower down; and on their going farther down, said Levin Tounsend, Levi Tounsend, and Isaac Colton, went on shore, where they killed a beef, and brought it on board uncleaned, which they say they paid for; and upon this deponent' s making further inquiry after the salt and finding there was none, this deponent requested that he might return home, but that said Levin Tounsend said he should not, and immediately hauled the boat upon deck, and put this deponent with others under the hatchway, and there kept them till they arrived at Norfolk; and upon their arrival said Levin Tounsend and Isaac Colton went on board Lord Dunmore' s ship, where they stayed some short time; upon their return said Levin Tounsend asked this


deponent and others if they were willing to inlist under Dunmore; that if they were they should have a suit of regimentals, a guinea and crown, a gun and hayonet; and that this deponent replied, he could not stay on them terms; "Well," replied said Tounsend, "if you won' t agree to that will you stay and go with me privateering up and down the bay to take prizes?" and this deponent said he could not do it. This deponent further saith, that said Levin Tounsend said that Isaac Colton was to be his Lieutenant, and that he intended to visit Maryland as soon as the Governour could get him a commission for that purpose, and that he intended up Pocomoke river in a very short time; and that he would take if possible the Committee of Worcester whilst they were asleep in their beds, and carry them on board his vessel and convey them as speedily as possible down on board of Governour Dunmore' s ship; and this deponent further saith that he was sworn by a person in Norfolk, unknown to this deponent, the purport of the oath this deponent can' t well recollect; and further saith, William B˙ Tounsend pressed this deponent exceeding warmly to inlist in Lord Dunmore' s service, but that this deponent, Cornelius Dickerson, Bartley White, Hugh Vestry, Solomon Butler, and Thomas Cluff, absolutely refused; that the rest of their crew, to wit, Isaac Colton, Joseph Gray Taylor, Francis Britt, William Dickerson, Zadock Tounsend, Elias Tounsend, Josiah Wood, Benjamin Selby, Levi Tounsend, did, and this deponent believes, inlist in his Lordship' s service; that when this deponent left the said Tounsend at Norfolk, the said Levin Tounsend told this deponent he might keep a look out for him in about ten days or a fortnight, off the mouth of Pocomoke river, and that he would see him, the said Tounsend.


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