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Letter from the Heads of the St. John' s Indians to the General Court of Massachusetts


Penobscot-River, February 5, 1776.

To the Honourable the Council and House of Representatives in General Council assembled:

Keahawit and Pierre Toma, heads of the St˙ John' s, and in behalf of the Miccamae Tribe, send health to you, and to inform you that we received your letter, dated the 16th October last. We thank you for the kindness you have done us, in providing ammunition and provisions for the Winter season, and for granting liberty for a Priest to pray with us to Almighty God, to make us strong, to oppose the wicked people of Old England. The Penobscot Indians are all of one heart, though of different tribes, and we are willing to assist you with our lives to oppose the wicked people of Old England, and we are ready to come up in the Spring, if we are wanted, and you to send us a letter to desire us to come.

We put all in one head and heart, and shall always keep it there, in remembrance of your kindness.

We thank you by kissing our hand, and shall always stand by you and keep that kiss in our hand in remembrance of it.

We pray God to bless you in your present war with the wicked people of Old England, to drive them out of our lands.