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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting of the Committee, July 10, 1775: Present, Mr˙ William Smith, in the Chair, and nineteen Members.

The following Masters of Vessels appeared, reported, and took the Oath, viz:

James Thomas, of the Ship Isabella, from Bristol; Robert Callow, of the Brig Escape, from Milford; Joseph Richardson, of the Ship Camden, from London; Nicholas Howard, of the Sloop Delight, from St˙ Croix.


The following Masters appeared, and reported their intended voyages, took the necessary oaths, and subscribed, viz:

John Lovett, of the Schooner Swallow, for the West-Indies; Nathaniel Cook, of the Schooner Elizabeth, for Antigua.

On motion, Resolved, That, for the future, every Master of a Vessel reporting his cargo before the Committee, shall, also, at the same time declare, on oath, the quantity of Gunpowder he hath on board, or hath imported this present voyage.

Melchior Keener and David Stewart, shippers of merchandise on board the Schooner Swallow, Captain Cook, muster, took and subscribed the necessary Oaths.

WILLIAM LUX, Secretary.