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Paper Signed by the Selectmen of Boston


Boston, March 8, 1776.

As his Excellency General Howe is determined to leave the town with the troops under his command, a number of the respectable inhabitants being very anxious for its preservation and safety, have applied to General Robertson for this purpose, who, at their request, has communicated the same to his Excellency General Howe, who, has assured him that he has no intention of destroying the town, unless the troops under his command are molested during their embarkation, or at their departure, by the armed force without, which declaration he gave General Robertson leave to communicate to the inhabitants. If such an opposition should take place, we have the greatest reason to expect the town will be exposed to entire destruction. As our fears are quieted with regard to General Howe' s intentions, we beg we may have some assurances that so dreadful a calamity may not be brought on by any measures without, As a testimony of the truth of the above, we have signed our names to this paper, carried out by Messrs˙ Thomas and Jonathan Amory, and Peter Johonnot; who have, at the earnest entreaties of the inhabitants, through the Lieutenant-Governour, solicited a flag of truce for this purpose.