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Abijah Willard compelled to resign


Confession of Colonel WILLARD, of LANCASTER:

Whereas I, Abijah Willard, of Lancaster, have been appointed, by mandamus, a Counsellor for this Province, and having without due consideration taken the oath, do now freely and solemnly declare that I am heartily sorry that I have taken the said oath, and do hereby solemnly and in good faith promise and engage that I will not sit or act in the said Council, nor in any other that shall be appointed in such manner and form, but that I will as much as in me lies, maintain the Charter rights and liberties of this Province; and do hereby ask the forgiveness of all honest, worthy gentlemen that I have offended, by taking the above said oath; and desire this may be inserted in the publick prints. Witness my hand,


August 25th, 1774.