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One Ton of the Powder Just Arrived


Saturday, January 6, 1776.

Information being given to Congress that a quantity of Powder was arrived at Egg-Harbour, on board the Sloop Sally, of which a part was addressed to Congress by Mr˙ Parsons, and a part consigned to Mr˙ Webster, and others, in Philadelphia,

Resolved, That the Secret Committee be directed to have the Powder addressed to Congress brought to Philadelphia, and to purchase, for the use of the United Colonies, the other quantities of Powder.

Resolved, That one ton of the Powder arrived be delivered to the Committee for fitting out Armed Vessels, for the use of said Vessels.

A Letter from the Committee of Lancaster, dated the 3d of January, was read;

Also, a Letter from an Officer in Lisbon, dated October 23, 1775;

Resolved, That these Letters, as well as the last received from Lancaster, and those formerly received from Lisbon, be referred to the Committee of Correspondence.

The Congress resumed the consideration of the Memorial from the Inhabitants of Newport, and the papers accompanying it; and thereupon,

Resolved, That the said Memorial be referred to the consideration of the General Assembly of the Colony of Rhode-Island.

The Committee to whom it was referred to consider how the shares of Prizes, allotted to the captors, ought to be divided between the Officers and Men, brought in their Report, which, being taken into consideration, was, agreed to, as follows:

Resolved, That the Commander-in-chief have one-twentieth part of the said allotted Prize-Money, taken by any Ship or Ships, Armed Vessel or Vessels, under his orders and command.

That the Captain of any single Ship, or Armed Vessel, have two-twentieth parts for his share; but if more Ships, or Armed Vessels, be in company when a Prize is taken,


then the said two-twentieth parts to be divided amongst all said Captains.

That the Captains of Marines, Lieutenants of the Ships, or Armed Vessels, and Masters thereof, share together, and have three-twentieth parts divided amongst them, equally, of all Prizes taken when they are in company.

That the Lieutenants of Marines, Surgeons, Chaplains, Pursers, Boatswains, Gunners, Carpenters, the Masters' Mates, and the Secretary of the Fleet, share together, and have two-twentieth parts and one-half of a twentieth part divided among them, equally, of all Prizes taken when they are in company.

That the following Warrant and Petty Officers, viz: (allowing lor each Ship, 6 Midshipmen; for each Brigantine, 4 Midshipmen; and each Sloop, 2 Midshipmen; 1 Captain' s Clerk, 1 Surgeon' s Mate, 1 Steward, 1 Sailmaker, 1 Cooper, 1 Armourer, 2 Boatswain' s Mates, 2 Gunner' s Mates, 2 Carpenter' s Mates, 1 Cook, 1 Cockswain, 2 Sergeants of Marines for each Ship, and 1 Sergeant for each Brig and Sloop,) have three-twentieth parts divided among them, equally; and when a Prize is taken by any Ship, or Vessel, on board of which the Commander-in-chief is, or in company, then the Commander-in-chief' s Cook, or Cockswain, to be added to this allotment, and have their equal spares with these last-mentioned.

That the remaining eight-twentieths and one-half of a twentieth be divided among the rest of the Ship or Ships' Companies; as it may happen, share and share alike.

That no Officer or Man have any share but such as are actually on board their several Vessels at the time any Prize, or Prizes, are taken, excepting only such as may have been ordered on board any other Prizes before taken, or sent away by his, or their, Commanding Officer.

The Committee on General Schuyler' s Letters brought in their Report.

Ordered, That the consideration thereof be referred to Monday next.

A Letter from General Schuyler, dated the 30th of December, enclosing copies of Letters from General Montgomery and General Wooster, being received, was read.

Adjourned to Monday, at ten o' clock.