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Deposition of Samuel Smith


Watertown, June 9, 1775.

I, the subscriber, being of lawful age, do testify that, being in a coasting sloop belonging to Arundel, and on my return from Plymouth, was taken by a cutter belonging to Admiral Graves' s squadron, in Boston, and carried into that port, and there detained several days; and being solicited by Admiral Graves' s Secretary to enter into His Majesty' s service, and knowing no other way wherein I could possibly make my escape but by entering into said service, to go to Windsor, in Nova-Scotia, for hay and other things; and having one Josiah Jones put on board as factor, and being ready to sail, I desired of the Captain of our convoy leave to sail, but he told me I must not sail till to-morrow, at ten o' clock, as there were a number of other vessels in the same employ, and should all sail together. I then desired leave of Mr˙ Jones to haul off into the road, and obtained leave. It being dark, I got consent of our factor, Mr˙ Jones, to sail; I therefore embraced the opportunity, and immediately sailed for Arundel, where I arrived in about twenty-four hours, and delivered up Mr˙ Jones, and one Jonathan Hicks, who was introduced on board my sloop by Mr˙ Jones, but for what purpose I cannot tell. And further saith, that Mr˙ Jones desired me to oil and clean the fire-arms that were put on board to defend ourselves, as he said the rebels might attack us on our passage.