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John Hancock to General Washington



Philadelphia, September 30, 1775.

SIR: Your letters Nos˙ 4 and 5, and two other letters, not numbered, with the enclosures, have been duly received and laid before the Congress.

As there are sundry matters contained in your letters which are of great importance, and on which the Congress, before they come to a final determination, are desirous to have the advantage of your experience and knowledge, they have appointed three of their Members, viz: Mr˙ Lynch, Doctor Franklin, and Mr˙ Harrison, to wait on you, and confer with you, and the Governours of Connecticut and Rhode-Island, the Council of Massachusetts-Bay, and the President of the Convention of New-Hampshire, to whom I have wrote on the subject, by order of Congress, and such other persons as to the said Committee shall seem


proper, touching the most effectual method of continuing, supporting, and regulating a Continental Army. They will set out as soon as possible, and expect to be with you by the 12th of next month.

I have the honour to be, with the greatest esteem, Sir, &c˙,

JOHN HANCOCK, President.

To General Washington.