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Two Members added to the Committee of Safety


The Committee on the State of the Province, reported a Resolve relative to the Removal of the inhabitants of the Town of Boston. After the same was read and some debate had thereon, the question (upon a motion made) was put, whether the matter now subside, and it passed in the affirmative.

Resolved, As the opinion of this Congress, that Cambridge is the most eligible place for the Committee of Safety, at present, to sit in.

Resolved, That two gentlemen be added to the Committee of Safety.

Ordered, That Colonel Prescott, Doctor Holten, and Mr˙ Gill, be a Committee to count and sort the votes for two gentlemen to be added to the Committee of Safety.

The Congress then proceeded to bring in their votes. After counting and sorting the same, the Committee reported that Mr˙ Pigeon and Captain Heath were chosen.

Resolved, That the extracts of the Resolves, relative to the Militia, which passed this day be printed, and a copy thereof sent to all the Towns and Districts in this Province.

The Congress adjourned till the 23d day of November next, at ten o' clock in the forenoon, then to meet in this place.