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Committee Authorized to Make an Immediate Purchase


Friday, November 10, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety: Present —

Robert Morris, Samuel Howell, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Bernard Dougherty, John Cadwallader, John Nixon, Joseph Reed, Samuel Miles, George Clymer, Daniel Roberdeau, Alexander Wilcocks, Owen Biddle, James Biddle, James Mease.

The Continental Congress having recommended to the Assembly or Committee of Safety to raise and supply a Battalion for the defence of the liberties of America, and having delivered this Board an Order on their Treasurer for the sum of three thousand Dollars, it becomes necessary to appoint a Treasurer, for the purposes of receiving and paying all moneys respecting the said Battalion; therefore,

Resolved, That Messrs˙ Mease and Cadwallader be, and they are hereby appointed joint Treasurers or Paymasters for the time being, and that the said Order be delivered them.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Samuel Caldwell purchase a


number of Blankets for supplying the Battalion now raising in this Province for the Continental service.

Resolved, That the Barrackmaster be directed to deliver to the Captain of each Company of the Battalion raising in this Province a proportionable part of the Bedding and Utensils now in the Barracks, taking from each Captain a receipt for such as shall be delivered to him, which receipt shall also contain a promise that such Bedding and Utensils as are intended for Officers shall not be made use of by any of the private men in their respective Companies; and that the same be used in the Barracks only, and be returned to the Barrackmaster, on demand.

Resolved, That each of the Captains of the Continental Battalion now raising be directed to look out for a sufficient number of good substantial Firelocks and Bayonets, for the use of the men in their respective Companies; and the same being approved of, as to price and quality, by RobertTowers, Commissary, and Thomas Savage, and they certifying the same, the Officers shall then purchase them, and receive an Order from this Board for the amount of the purchase money of such Muskets as shall be so approved of.

The Committee appointed to contract for building a Ship informing the Board, from the unfitness of the season, and the many difficulties they foresee in the execution of the work, they apprehend she will not be completed so early the next year as the publick service may require: therefore,

Resolved, That the said Committee be authorized to make an immediate purchase, and equip any Ship they may think suitable for the purpose.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Wharton, Mr˙ White, Mr˙ Clymer, and Mr˙ Nixon, the Committee of Pilots, be desired to hire a Pilot-Boat to cruise in the Bay of Delaware, as an express or intelligence Boat.