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Adjourned to Monday, the 19th September


Ordered, That Mr˙ Ewing and Mr˙ Hunter wait on the Governour with the foregoing Answer to his Message , and acquaint him that the House incline to adjourn to Monday the 19th day of September next, if his Honour has no objection thereto; and request to know at what time today he will be pleased to meet the House, to enact into laws the Bills that have received his assent.


The Members return, and report they had delivered their Message according to order; and that his Honour was pleased to say, he had no objection to the time of adjournment proposed by the House, and would be in the Council Chamber immediately, to enact into laws the two Bills that have been agreed on.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Hillegas and Mr˙ Miles do get the great seal affixed to the Bills after they are passed into laws, and deposite the same in the Rolls Office.

A Message by Mr˙ Secretary:

"SIR: The Governour is in the Council Chamber, and requires the attendance of the House."

Then, Mr˙ Speaker, with the whole House, waited on his Honour, and being returned from the Council Chamber, the Speaker resumed the Chair, and reported that they had waited on the Governour, and presented two Bills, entituled "An Act to continue an Act entituled ‘An Act to amend the Act entituled ‘An Act to prevent the exportation of bread and flour not merchantable;’’" and "An Act for lending the sum of eight hundred pounds to the several and respective Counties of Bedford, Northumberland, and Westmoreland, for building a Court House and Prison in each of the said counties;" to which Bills his Honour had been pleased to give his assent, by enacting the same into laws.

The House then adjourned to Monday, the 19th day of September next, at four o' clock, P˙ M.