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Report on a Proper Division


Colonel Powell, from the Committee to consider of a proper division of the country Militia, delivered in a Report.


And the said Report being taken into consideration immediately, amended, and agreed to,

It was Resolved, That the Regiment of Militia, commanded by Colonel Richard Richardson, be, in the following manner, divided into four Battalions; each under a Lieutenant-Colonel and Major, resident in the District, and the whole under the command of Colonel Richardson, viz: That part of the said Regiment lying eastward of Santee and Wateree Rivers, into two Battalions, to be divided by Rafting-Creek, from the mouth and north branch thereof up to its source, and thence, by a line due east, to Lynch' s Creek; and the other part of the said Regiment, lying west ward of Wateree-River, into two other Battalions, to be divided by Wateree-Creek, and the south branch thereof up to its source, then down Jackson' s Creek to the mouth, and to Shyra' s Ferry, on Broad-River. And that the Fork between Saludy and Broad Rivers be divided into three Regiments, according to the division of Districts by the Resolve of Congress of the 9th of February last, one Regiment in each of the said Districts.

Resolved, That Thomas Lynch, Sen˙, Esq˙, one of the Delegates of this Colony in the Continental Congress, on account of his ill state of health, have leave to return to this Colony, if he shall think it necessary.

Adjourned to nine o' clock to-morrow.