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Extract of a Letter from London



I now apprize you that the Merchants and Manufacturers in Glasgow and its neighbourhood are drove to the greatest distress, from the amazing quantity of Goods already manufactured for the Virginia and other American markets,


which now lay a dead weight on hand, as they dare not export them.

In Manchester, it is said, they are fully employed by persons who intend shipping them to Ireland, and thence smuggle them into the Continent. I give you this intelligence, that you may apprize all America of this cursed machination; for as sure as it is known to this tyrannical Administration, that British Goods are any how admitted, they will never repeal the cursed Acts; whereas, an inflexible adherence to the Resolutions of the Congress, will eventually work their wo and our relief.

A very large body of Merchants had a meeting this day to consider what is best to be done on the present alarming crisis. That Ministerial puppet, Anthony Bacon, advised them against petitioning till after the Parliament met, and strove all he could to divide the meeting, but he was opposed and silenced. The result is, that a Committee is appointed to draw up a petition, setting forth the inevitable destruction of the petitioners, and of this Nation in general, if some measures are not speedily adopted to regain the Commerce of the Colonies, which is in a great degree lost, and will soon be totally so to this Kingdom.

I am just now credibly informed, that above fifty of the principal West India Planters in this City, had a meeting this day, to prepare a state of their impending ruin, to be laid before all Planters, Money-lenders, and Merchants, interested in the welfare of the Islands, which state is afterwards to be formed into a remonstrance to his Majesty. They now plainly see that the Resolutions of the Congress will be maintained in every particular, and therefore they mean to acquaint his Majesty that the West India trade will soon be lost to Britain, and every Planter, Moneylender, and Merchant, concerned in the Islands, will meet inevitable bankruptcy, unless the Acts complained of are repealed.

I tell you that if America supports her patriotism on the ground established by the Congress, she will soon remove this world-wasting Ministry, and forever establish liberty in its full perfection throughout North America.