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A Declaration and Charter of Rights brought in


Tuesday, August 97, 1776.

Convention met. All Members present as on Saturday.

The Proceedings of Saturday were read.

Mr˙ Jonathan Wilson and Mr˙ Elisha Williams, Delegates returned for the lower district of Frederick County, and Mr˙ Thomas Ringgold, a Delegate returned for Kent County, appeared and took their seats in the House. Mr˙ Henry Wilson and Mr˙ Stevenson appeared in the House.


Mr˙ Plater brings in and delivers to Mr˙ President a Declaration and Charter of Rights; which was read, and ordered to be printed for the consideration of the Members.

Brice T˙ B˙ Worthington, Charles Carroll, Barrister, and Samuel Chase, Esquires, having informed the Convention that they, having received instructions from their constituents enjoining them, in framing of a Government for this State, implicitly to adhere to points in their opinion incompatible with good government and the publick peace and happiness, were obliged, extremely against their inclinations, to resign their seats, and that they resigned accordingly.

Resolved, That the seats of the said Brice T˙ B˙ Worthington, Charles Carroll, Barrister, and Samuel Chase, Esquires, are vacated by such resignation.

A Petition from sundry free voters of Anne Arundel County, praying that a new election of Delegates for said County might be ordered, was read.

Ordered, That the same be taken into consideration on Thursday next.

Convention appointed Mr˙ Thomas Beall Second Lieutenant of Captain Bennett Bracco' s independent company of Regular troops, in the room of Mr˙ Daniel Jenifer Adams, and Mr˙ Colmore Williams Third Lieutenant of said company.

Mr˙ Parnham has leave of absence till Monday next.

Ordered, That three persons be added to the Committee of Elections; and Mr˙ Grahame, Mr˙ Fitzhugh, and Mr˙ Paca, were elected by ballot to be of the said Committee.

On motion, Resolved, That the Depositions of Captain James Disney, Lieutenant Samuel Godman, Lieutenant Joseph Burgess, and Mr˙ Thomas Harwood, relative to the late election for Anne Arundel County, be taken before some Magistrate as speedily as possible, after due notice to Mr˙ Resin Hammond and some of the petitioners against the said election.

Mr˙ Dent has leave of absence for a few days.

Adjourned till three o' clock.

Post Meridiem. Convention met. Mr˙ Fischer appeared in the House.

A Remonstrance from George Davy, of Frederick County, was read, and referred to the Committee appointed to receive proposals relating to the establishment of Manufactories.

The Committee of Elections report to the Convention, that by the Return for Kent County, Thomas Ringgold, William Ringgold of Eastern Neck, Joseph Earle, and Thomas Smyth, Esquires, are duly elected Delegates for the said County, agreeable to the resolves and directions of the last Convention.

On motion of Mr˙ Paca,

Resolved, That an election of three Delegates for Anne Arundel County be held on Wednesday, the 4th of September next, at the City of Annapolis, by John Weems, Thomas Dorsey, and Thomas Watkins, Esquires, or by any two or one of them, according to the resolves of the last Convention, and that the said Judges give due notice thereof, by setting up advertisements in the most publick places in the said County.

Proposals from Valentine Reintzel and Anthony Gossler, of Frederick County, for raising a Company of Riflemen, was read and unanimously rejected.

Convention adjourns till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.