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Petition from surviving Captains of Companies in the late expedition against the Indians


A Petition of sundry surviving Captains of Companies on the late expedition against the Indians, was presented to the Convention, and read; setting forth, that the said expedition was greatly promoted by their zeal for the service, and that they had advanced considerable sums of money, and extended their credit to the utmost, in order to supply the soldiers under their command with every necessary for the campaign; that they did this from an expectation that the Troops would be paid off in the manner practised heretofore, and that each Captain should receive the pay of his Company, and thereby be enabled to reimburse himself what he might have advanced the Soldiers under him; but that it is with great concern, they have lately understood the Commissioners appointed to settle the accounts had come to a resolution not to pay any soldier or packhorse-man unless such person should appear, or give an order in writing for the same, by which they conceive they shall be considerable losers, as many of the Soldiers were now dispersed over the Continent, expecting their pay would be delivered into the hands of their respective Captains, to discharge the money advanced for them; and praying such relief as this Convention should think just and reasonable.

Resolved, That the Commissioners appointed to receive for and pay to the several Claimants in the Southern District, for services in the late expedition against the Indians, whatever may be due to them from the publick, do in the first place settle the Accounts between the Captains and the Men under their command, and pay to the said Captains whatever shall be found due to them on such settlement.