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Letter to the Governour and Company of Connecticut


The Committee appointed to prepare a Letter to the Governour and Company of Connecticut, reported, The Report was accepted, and is as follows, viz:

"MAY IT PLEASE YOUR HONOURS: The distressed situation of the eastern parts of this Province calling for the serious attention of the humane, this Congress beg leave to address you in their behalf. By reason of a number of our friends removing from the seaports into the interiour Towns, and a large Army before Boston to support the rights of the Colonies, this Colony is unable to spare the necessary supplies of grain and provisions to our friends in the Province of Maine, by which means, and an embargo laid upon grain and provisions in your Colony, they are reduced to the alternative of starving, or supplying the ministerial Troops with lumber, either of which they deprecate.

We would therefore suggest to your Honours the expediency of taking off the embargo, so far as to permit the inhabitants of the, eastern parts of this Province to purchase grain and provisions for themselves, they producing a certificate from any of the Committees mentioned in the enclosed list, and giving bonds to your officers that they will deliver it to such Committee.

We are, with the greatest sincerity, your Honours' most obedient, humble servants, &c.

To the Honourable the Governour and Company of the Colony of Connecticut.

Accepted, and ordered to be authenticated and sent forward as soon as may be.


List enclosed in the foregoing Letter:

MACHIAS. — James Lyon, Chairman; George Stillman, Clerk; Jeremiah Obrien, Benjamin Foster, Samuel Scott, Manwaring Beal, Nathaniel Sinclair.
NUMBER FOUR. — John Stevens, Phineas Whitten.
GOLDSBOROUGH. — Benjamin Glasher, William Shaw.
NARRAGAUGUS. — Wallis, Alexander Campbell.
ST˙ GEORGE' S. — (Blank.)
PENOBSCOT. — (Blank.)
BRISTOL. — (Blank.)
BOOTHBAY. — David Reed, ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ Emerson.
POWNALBOROUGH. — Timothy Langdon, Chairman; Ebenezer Whittier, Clerk; John Getchell, John Huse, Timothy Parsons.
GEORGETOWN. — Dummer Sewall, John Wood.
BRUNSWICK. — Aaron Hinckley, esq˙, Benjamin Stone.
NORTH YARMOUTH. — Samuel Stanwood.
FALMOUTH, CASCOBAY. — Hon˙ Jedediah Preble, Esquire, Hon˙ Enoch Freeman, Esquire, Mr˙ Richard Codman, Capt˙ John Waite, Mr˙ John Butler, Mr˙ Samuel Freeman, Mr˙ Benjamin Winslow.
BERWICK, in the County of YORK. — Hon˙ Benja˙ Chadbourn, esq˙, Mr˙ John Hill, Mr˙ Robert Furness.