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Application of Lieutenants Borough and Richardson, for an extension of their parole, rejected


The Letter or Note of Lieutenants Borough and Richardson of yesterday was read, and is in the words following, viz: New-York, December 6, 1775.

"Lieutenants Borough and Richardson, of the Twenly-Sixth Regiment, now upon their parole in this town, request to be informed by the Provincial Congress of New-York what route the garrison of St˙ John' s has taken, and also request that they would lengthen the enclosed papers fourteen days, with permission to remain a few days at Perth-Amboy. Their answer to the above, sent to Mrs˙ Airy' s, will much oblige those gentlemen."

The Certificates of General Schuyler of the parole of those gentlemen, enclosed in the note or card above copied, were also read.

An answer to Lieutenants Borough and Richardson was read and approved, and is in the words following, to wit:

The Provincial Congress informs Lieutenants Borough and Richardson, that they are not apprized of the route the garrison of St˙ John' s have taken; that they conceive it out of their province to lengthen the parole of General Schuyler, and that the Congress conceive Colonel McDougall, as commanding officer in this city, to be the proper person to be applied to with respect to their going to the westward.

Ordered, That the said answer, with the Certificates of the General, be sent to Lieutenants Borough and Richardson, by the Doorkeeper.