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Worcester (Massachusetts) Convention



May 31, 1775.

The Convention met according to adjournment, at the Court-House in Worcester.

Mr˙ William Young was elected Chairman pro tempore, and Jeduthan Baldwin Clerk pro tempore.

Voted, That the Rev˙ Mr˙ Chaplain be desired to open this Convention with prayer.

Voted, To pass over counting the votes for County Treasurer.

Voted, That Colonel Hezekiah Ward, Mr˙ Padleford, and Mr˙ Joshua Bigelow, be a Committee to draw up a Remonstrance to the Provincial Congress, that no man be allowed to have a seat therein who does not vote away his own money for publick purposes, in common with the other members, and with his constituents.

Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to take into consideration the subject of allowing those who are inimical to the Country, to exercise the right of voting in Town meetings.

Resolved, That the erecting of a Paper-Mill in this County would be of great publick advantage; and if any person or persons will undertake the erecting of such Mill, and the manufacture of Paper, that it be recommended to the people of the County to encourage the undertaking by generous contributions and subscriptions.