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Report of Committee on Billeting Troops in King' s County


The Members of King' s County, who were appointed a Committee for that purpose, delivered in their Report; which was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

Your Committee to inspect with regard to Billeting of Troops in King' s County, do report: That the inhabitants of King' s County cannot keep officers at less than seven shillings per week for a room, and the following necessaries, allowing two officers to a room; and privates at one shilling and four pence: The officers and men to be supplied with the following articles, to wit: cribs, bed-cases, bolsters, pots, trammels, tongs and shovels, andirons, axes, candlesticks, benches, buckets, firewood, candles, straw, house-room.


The Congress are of opinion that the allowance reported is moderate and reasonable, and agrees with their Committee in their said Report.