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Committee of New-Castle County, Delaware



December 5, 1774.

The Committee chosen in the several Hundreds of this County, on the 28th of last month, in pursuance of notice for that purpose given, this day assembled at the Court House, in the Town of New-Castle, and unanimously chose

JOHN M' KINLEY, Esquire, Chairman, and

On motion, by order, the Association entered into by the Continental Congress, at the City of Philadelphia, on the fifth day of September last, was read, and the Committee taking the same into consideration,

Resolved, That this Committee highly approve the said Association, and earnestly recommend to their constituents a strict and due observance thereof.

Resolved, unanimously, That the Thanks of this Committee be given to the gentlemen who represented this Government as Deputies in the said Continental Congress, for their faithful discharge of that important trust.

Resolved, unanimously. That, to increase the number of Sheep, the Committee will use their utmost endeavours to prevent the killing of any Ewe Mutton or Lamb, from this day until the first day of May next; and any Ewe Lamb from the first day of May next till the first day of October next; and this Committee do particularly recommend to their constituents a full and faithful compliance with the eighth, ninth, and thirteenth Articles of the said Association.

Then the Committee adjourned till Wednesday, the 21st instant, at ten o' clock.