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John Cooper and John Dennis Appointed Treasurers of the Colony


The Memorial of Jonathan D˙ Sergeant, Esq˙, Treasurer to the late Congress of this Colony, was read a second time, and unanimously approved.

Ordered, That the thanks of this Congress be returned to Mr˙ Sergeant, for his constant and steady attention to the publick cause, at these times of general calamity.

On motion made, Resolved, unanimously, That Commissions do issue to Messrs˙ John Cooper and John Dennis, the Treasurers for this Colony, appointed by this Congress,


upon their giving such security as this Congress or the Committee of Safety shall direct.

On motion made, Resolved, That upon proper certificates, from any County Committee of this Colony, being produced to the President or Vice-President, in the recess of this Congress, certifying the election of Militia or Minute Officers for any of the Battalions in this Colony, the President or Vice-President do issue Commissions accordingly.

Ordered, That a Commission do issue to John Taylor, Esq˙, as Second Major of the Fourth Regiment of Militia in Hunterdon County.

On motion made, Resolved, That in case of the death, or removal out of the Colony, of any of the Deputies of this Congress, before the next annual election, the Freeholders of the County for which such person was a Deputy, have leave to proceed to a new election to supply his place.

On motion made, Resolved, That it be recommended to the several County Committees of this Colony to allow their respective Deputies such recompense for their time and publick service, in attending the Provincial Congresses and Committees of Safety, as they shall think reasonable.

Resolved, That a Commission do issue to James Holmes, Esq˙, as Surgeon to the Sussex Battalion of Minute-Men.

Resolved, That a Commission do issue to Peter Campbell, Esq˙, as Aid-de-Camp to Brig˙ Gen˙ Dickinson.

On motion made, Resolved, That the following gentlemen be, and they are hereby appointed a Committee of Safety, to act for the publick welfare of this Colony, in the recess of this Congress, to wit:

Mr˙ President Tucker, Mr˙ Vice-President Fisher, John Hart, Abraham Clark, Lewis Ogden, Joseph Holmes, John Mehelm, Isaac Pearson, John Pope, Azariah Dunham, John Dennis, Augustine Stevenson, Ruloffe Van Dyke, Esquires.

Which said Committee of Safety, or the major part of the members thereof, are hereby directed to meet at such time and place as the President and Vice-President shall direct.

On motion made, Resolved, That Mr˙ President be desired to return the thanks of this Congress to the Rev˙ Mr˙ Spencer and the Rev˙ Mr˙ Panton, for their polite attention and services during the present sitting; and also to the several communities who have been pleased to accommodate this Congress with the use of their respective places of worship.

On motion made, Resolved, That the Secretary be requested to revise, correct, and make out a fair copy of the Minutes of this Congress, for publication; and that he be allowed such recompense for his time and trouble as this Congress or Committee of Safety shall deem reasonable.

Resolved, That as soon as the Secretary hath prepared a fair copy of the Minutes of this Congress for the press, Mr˙ President do issue an order to Isaac Collins to immediately print off one thousand copies thereof, for the use of the Colony in general; and five hundred copies of the new Militia Ordinance, with the Articles of War for regulating the Continental Army annexed, for the use of the Militia Forces.

Resolved, That, out of the Moneys in the Treasury of this Congress, there be paid to Mr˙ President so much Money as he hath expended for Fire-Wood, Candles, Pens, Ink, and Paper, for the use of this Congress, during the present sitting; and also ten Shillings to Mr˙ Fisher, and ten Shillings to Mr˙ Mehelm, for two volumes of the Acts of Assembly of this Colony; and to Daniel Bellingeau, the Doorkeeper of this Congress, for his constant attendance and services during this sitting, six Pounds; and also to the said Daniel Bellingeau, the sum of three Pounds fifteen Shillings, for his services in attending the late Congress.

The Congress adjourned to meet at New-Brunswick, on the first Tuesday in April next, unless sooner convened by the President, Vice-President, or the Committee of Safety.