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Resolutions of sundry Inhabitants of Frances Town


Province of New-Hampshire, County of Hillsborough, Oct˙ 21, 1774.


We the subscribers, being Inhabitants of Frances Town, having taken into our most serious consideration the alarming affairs of this Country at the present day, do most firmly enter into the following Resolutions, viz:

1st. That we will at all times defend our liberties and privileges, both civil and religious, even to the risk of our fortunes; and will not only disapprove of, but wholly despise, such persons as we have just and solid reason to think wish us deprived of the same.

2d. Resolved, That we do abhor and abominate all oppressive acts of persons in power, whether Magistrate or Officer, whereby the poor are distressed and unlawfully robbed of their properties in any unjust manner whatever; and we will always endeavour to treat them with such neglect and contempt as they justly deserve.

3d. Resolved, That we will at all times be ready to assist the Civil Magistrates in the due execution of their offices at the risk of our lives; and will at all times show our disapprobation of all unlawful proceedings of unjust men congregating together, as they pretend to maintain their liberties, and even trample under foot the very law of liberty, and wholly destroy that law our whole land firmly wish, and desire to maintain. And we,

4thly. Resolved, They are bold despisers of law, and that their proceedings directly tend to the utter subversion of all regularity and good order among his Majesty' s good subjects in this land.

John Quigly,
Nathan Fisher,
Thos˙ McLaughlen,
Oliver Holmes,
Daniel Clark,
Asa Lewis,
Samuel Nutt,
William Holmes,
Charles Mellon,
Thomas Quigly,
William McMasters,
John Balch,
Samuel Nicols,
Zachariah Whiting,
William Quigly,
David Gregg,
Hugh Montgomery,
Thomas Quigly, Jr˙,
William Stanett,
Adam Dickey,
James Fisher,
Robert Fulton,
Peter Christy.