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Friday, March 22, 1776.

Present in Council: Honourable William Sever, Walter Spooner, John Winthrop, Thomas Gushing, Jedediah Foster, James Prescott, Eldad Taylor, Benjamin Lincoln, Charles Chauncy, Michael Parley, Samuel Holten, Jabez Fisher, Moses Gill, John Taylor, Benjamin White, Esquires.


Resolved, That the Selectmen of the Town of Boston be directed to use the utmost vigilance and industry to find out every person in that town who is actually infected with the small-pox, and cause them to be collected in some several house or houses, in the most westerly part of the town, and with the greatest diligence and care effectually to cleanse all infected places other than those to which the infected persons shall be removed; and that in case it should so happen that the said distemper should break out anew, that the infected person or persons be removed immediately to the place assigned for those who are now infected; and that the said Selectmen be also directed, from time to time, very particularly to advertise the publick of the state of the small-pox during its continuance there; and that Mr˙ Pitts; a member of this Court, and one of the Selectmen of Boston, be directed to take a copy of this Resolve, attested by the Secretary, and communicate the same to his brethren, the said Selectmen, as soon as may be.