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Letter from the Committee of Suffolk County to the New-York Congress



Sag-Harbour, East end of Long-Island, April 3, 1776.

Pursuant to a vote of the County Committee, held at our County-Hall, in Suffolk County, on the 27th of March, we, whose names are hereunto subscribed, being appointed a sub-Committee to examine the contents of all the cannon within our respective Districts, and make return of said contents to the Provincial Congress or Committee of Safety, with a petition for a supply of ammunition and other warlike stores, suitable for the enclosed list of cannon, which we have examined agreeable to orders.

This petition humbly showeth, that it is the opinion of this Committee, that we are much exposed to the ravages of the Ministerial Army, and look upon it highly necessary that we have a publick stock or quantity of ammunition, and other warlike stores, together with orders for mounting the enclosed number of cannon on proper carriages; and as the Ministerial Troops seem at this present juncture to be on the move, cannot tell how soon we may be invaded; therefore beg your speedy answer; which shall be gratefully acknowledged by your humble servants,

NATHAN FORDHAM, Sub-Committee.
BURNET MILLER, Sub-Committee.
THOMAS YOUNGS, Sub-Committee.

To the Chairman of the Provincial Congress, or Committee of Safety, New-York.