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Major Douglass requested to state, immediately, whether he will accept the appointment of Commodore on the Lakes


Captain Wynkoop attended the Committee, and informed that, in pursuance of the directions of the Provincial Congress, given to him on — last, he had called on Major Douglass, and delivered to him a copy of General Schuyler' s letter of the — instant, relating to the service on the Lakes; that Major Douglass declined giving him any definitive answer on that subject; and intimated, that if he did undertake that service he would not be able to attend it sooner than two months hence.

Thereupon a draft of a Letter to Major Douglass was read and approved of, and is in the words following, to wit:

In Committee of Safety, New-York, March 18, 1776.

SIR: A gentleman engaged in the publick service should always be ready to determine upon any question of service submitted to his option. Mr˙ Wynkoop, we are informed, communicated to you the copy of a letter from Major-General Schuyler, from which it appears that the Continental Congress has reserved for you the office of Commodore on the Lakes, and designated Captain Wynkoop for service under you in that department. The General has recommended Mr˙ Wynkoop to that command, in case of your refusal. Lest you should have forgotten the contents of the General' s letter, we enclose you a copy of it. We request your immediate answer. If you accept of the appointment, we expect you will stand ready at a minute' s notice for the execution of duty whenever the service requires it.

We are, sir, your humble servants.

By order of the Committee of Safety.

To Major Douglass.