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Letters from St. Eustatia relating the capture of two Vessels, by British Ships-of-War


Mr˙ Sands produced the following Letters, which were read, in order to support his request for an order on the Treasury for the sum of eleven hundred and fifty Pounds, to pay for the Sloop Sally and the Schooner Polly.

"St˙ Eustatia, March 2, 1776,

"SIR: I am sorry to relate to you the sad misfortune that I have met with on the high seas. On the 10th day of February, in the latitude 23° 9' , longitude 63°, I met with the Portland ship-of-war, of fifty guns; in spite of my endeavours, she brought me to, and took all my people, and sent the sloop to Antigua, with two officers and five men. I had the good fortune to save part of my money, which I have lodged in the hands of Mr˙ Samuel Cousens. I expect to sail in six or seven days for New-York, in a fast-sailing sloop belonging to Amboy. I have enclosed a bill on Messieurs


Curson & Seton, and I intend to bring a copy of the same myself.

"Sir, I still remain yours.