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Commission granted to William Shippen as Captain of a Privateer


Friday, March 22, 1776.

A Letter of the 13th, from General Washington, enclosing the Proceedings of a Council of War; also, a letter from Lord Stirling, of the 19th, were laid before Congress, and read.

A Petition from Thorowgood Smith, and others, was presented to Congress, and read, setting forth, that they have procured a Vessel, and raised money to fit her out as a Privateer, in order to cruise and guard the Coast of Virginia, and praying that a Commission be granted to William Shippen, to whom they propose to give the command of said Vessel; and further, that the Congress will grant them a small quantity of Powder, upon their making satisfaction for the same:


Resolved, That a Commission be granted to William Shippen, as Captain of the above-mentioned Vessel, for the purposes aforesaid.

Resolved, That the Secret Committee be directed to sell Captain William Shippen three hundred pounds of Powder, for the use of his Vessel.

The Committee appointed to prepare a Declaration pursuant to certain Resolutions, brought in a draft; which was read.

Resolved, That the Petition of John Secord be referred to a Committee of three.

The Members chosen, Mr˙ Penn, Mr˙ E˙ Rutledge, and Mr˙ Jay.

The Committee of Claims reported, that there is due,

On account of expenses in convoying Powder, the sum of 8˙3 Dollars, and that the same ought to be paid to John Morion, Esquire;

To Matthias Slough, for Provisions furnished the Prisoners in Lancaster, the sum of 226˙8 Dollars;

To Ephraim Blame, for sundry articles omitted in the account of expenses at the Treaty held with the Indians at Fort-Pitt, the sum of 90˙5 Dollars;

To sundries, on certificates for necessaries furnished to Captain Stevenson' s Company in Virginia, the sum of 58˙3 Dollars, and that the same ought to be paid to Timothy Matlack, of which 14˙7 Dollars, being for a Rifle, to be charged to Captain Stevenson.

Ordered, that the said Accounts be paid.

Resolved, That the sum of 750 Dollars be advanced to the Baron De Woedtke, he to be accountable out of his pay.

Resolved, That the rank of all such Officers in the Continental Army as held similar Commissions in that servics before the term of their late appointment expired, be settled by the dates of their former, and not their present Commissions.

The Assembly of the Counties on Delaware, having recommended a gentleman to be Major of the Battalion ordered to be raised in that Colony, in the room of John Macpherson, Jun˙, Esquire, who fell before Qucbeck, and never received his Commission, the Congress proceeded to the election; and the ballots being taken and examined,

Thomas McDonough was elected.

Resolved, That an Order for 12,000 Dollars be drawn on the Treasurers in favour of the Committee of Safety of Delaware Government, for the use of the Battalion raised in that Colony, the said Committee to be accountable.

The Congress took into consideration the Declaration brought in by the Committee; and, after debate, the further consideration thereof, at the request of a Colony, was postponed till to-morrow.

Ordered, That the Secretary publish the substance of the Letters received from the Camp at Cambridge.

Resolved, That the Marine Committee be empowered to dispose of the Coal on board of the Blue-Mountain Valley, in such manner as they shall judge most for the benefit of the United Colonies.

The matters to this day referred being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.