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Resolutions of the House against Independence


The House was moved, that a Committee be appointed to prepare the draught of a Petition to His Majesty, humbly beseeching him to use his interposition to prevent the effusion of blood; and to express the great desire this House hath to a restoration of peace and harmony with the Parent Stale, on constitutional principles.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Fisher, Mr˙ Kinsey, Mr˙ Paxson, Mr˙ Tucker, Mr˙ Lawrence, and Mr˙ Gibbon, be a Committee to prepare and bring in the draught of a Petition accordingly.

Mr˙ Winds had leave of absence for the remainder of the session, upon extraordinary occasions.

The House took into consideration the inquiry had yesterday, touching the Petitions presented to this House; and it appearing from the Petitioners of the City of Burlington, who were called in and heard, that they signed the same from reports that some men affected independency, and being alarmed at such sentiments, they were induced to present the Petition, hoping that the House would discourage such sentiments by their Resolutions; whereupon, the several Petitions being read the second time,

1. Resolved, That reports of Independency, in the apprehension of this House, are groundless.

2. Resolved, That it be recommended to the Delegates of the Colony to use their utmost endeavours for the obtaining a redress of American grievances, and for restoring the union between the Colonies and Great Britain, upon constitutional principles.

3. Resolved, That the said Delegates be directed not to give their assent to, but utterly to reject any propositions, if such should be made, that may separate this Colony from the Mother Country, or change the form of Government thereof.

The House also taking into consideration the conduct of Mr˙ Richard Smith, late of Philadelphia, merchant, upon the hearing had yesterday,

Ordered, That the Sergeant-at-Arms do bring the said Richard Smith before this House, at four o' clock this afternoon, to answer for the insult offered by him to the House during the said hearing.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Tucker, Mr˙ Taylor, Mr˙ Shepperd, Mr˙ Hewlings, and Mr˙ Gibbon, or any three of them, be a Committee to settle all publick Accounts that may come before the House this session.

The House adjourned till three, P˙ M.

The House met.