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All the Militia of Orange and Ulster Counties to march forthwith with four days' provisions


At a meeting of the Committee appointed by the Representatives of the State of New-York, in Committee of Safety assembled, agreeable to a Resolution of the said Committee of December 8th, 1776,

Present: Brigadier-General George Clinton, Brigadier-General Scott, R˙ R˙ Livingston, Esq˙, Wm˙ Duer, Esq.

December 9th, — Resolved, That all the Militia of Orange and Ulster Counties be forthwith ordered to march, properly armed and accoutred, and with four days' provision, to Chester, in Orange County, there to receive further orders from General George Clinton for effectually cooperating with Major-General Lee and Major-General Gates, in harassing and distressing the enemy, who have entered the State of New-Jersey; that the said Militia shall be allowed Continental pay and rations, and one penny per mile in lieu of rations till they come to the place of rendezvous.

Resolved, That Brigadier-General George Clinton be empowered to make use of the Arms and Accoutrements belonging to this State, and now at New-Windsor, for the purpose of equipping such of the said Militia as are not armed.

Resolved, That Colonel Malcolm be requested and authorized to exert all the influence which he possibly can to induce the men under his command, and such others as he can procure, and engage in service till the last day of December; and that he be annexed to the brigade commanded by Brigadier-General George Clinton.

Resolved, That Brigadier-General George Clinton be empowered to give a gratuity of one dollar to each man of Colonel Malcolm' s Regiment who will consent to remain in service till the last day of December.

And whereas, in the opinion of the honourable General Congress, and from the measures pursued by the enemy, the security of the United States principally depends upon preventing the passes of the Highlands, on Hudson' s River, from falling into the hands of the enemy, yet it is the firm intention and the earnest desire of the Convention of this State to give every possible assistance to any of their sister States, or the United States in general, consistent with that grand object; and whereas the Committee of Safety have this day received information that Major-General Lee has taken post at Morristown, in New-Jersey, where he is assembling an army to act in concert with General Washington in opposing the enemy, who are marched towards Philadelphia; and whereas the security of the Highlands on the west side of Hudson' s River, must greatly depend on the Militia of Ulster and Orange Counties, who for that reason ought not to be removed to so great a distance from the passes of the Highlands as to be unable to oppose any further designs of the enemy in that quarter:

Resolved, therefore, That General George Clinton, in cooperating with General Lee and General Gates, take especial care at all events to secure the said passes; and in case he shall not find it expedient to join the said Generals, he nevertheless march into the State of New-Jersey as far as he shall think serviceable, consistent with the preservation of the said passes; and that he exert himself to the utmost in collecting the Militia of New-Jersey, and raising their spirits, and in overawing and curbing the disaffected or revolted subjects of that State when called upon by the civil or military authorities thereof.

Resolved, That a copy of the above Resolutions be transmitted to General Heath, and that he be requested to give every necessary assistance to General George Clinton in carrying the same into execution.

Resolved, That the Regiments commanded by Colonel Huntindon and Colonel Tyler may with safety be put under the command of General George Clinton, as he will take care, from time to time, in case the motions of the enemy should require it, that the pass at Ramapough should be properly secured.

Resolved, That in case General George Clinton shall be permitted to draw off the above-mentioned Regiment from the pass at Ramapough, that he be empowered to supply their place with as many of the Militia under his command as he shall think necessary.

Resolved, That General George Clinton march, as a part


of the Troops under his command, the Companies of Rangers raised in the County of Ulster under the command of Captain De Witt and Captain Hasbrouck.

Resolved, That General George Clinton should be supplied with two Field-pieces, forty-five thousand Cartridges, Tents for fifteen hundred men, and as many Small-Arms as shall be necessary for supplying the Militia who may stand in need of them, and that the same ought to be issued from the Continental Store.

Resolved, That a Deputy Commissary and one Assistant Quartermaster-General of the Continental Army should attend the Brigade of Militia under the command of General George Clinton.

Resolved, That the sum of six thousand Pounds be advanced to General George Clinton from the Treasury of this State, in order to defray any expense which may accrue in the execution of the above-mentioned Resolutions, and which is before unprovided for.

Resolved, That a Letter be sent express to Major-General Gates, enclosing copies of these Resolutions, and requesting him to forward copies of the same to Major-General Lee.