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Petitions from New-Castle County


Tuesday, March 21, 1775.

A Petition from several Inhabitants of New-Castle County, and two Petitions from a number of the Inhabitants of Kent County, praying the House to pass a Bill for establishing a Militia, were presented to the Chair, and by order read the first time.

To the Honourable the Representatives of the Counties of NEW-CASTLE, KENT, and SUSSEX, in General Assembly met, I4th March, 1775.

The Petition of the Inhabitants, freemen of Kent County, most humbly sheweth:


That we conceive a well-regulated Militia, composed of the gentlemen Freeholders and other free men, to be not only a Constitutional right, but the most natural strength and most stable security of a free Government, from the exercise of which a wise people will not excuse themselves even in time of peace.

That, happily secure in the affectionate protection of our Mother Country, we have for some time past been carelessly negligent of Military art and discipline, and are, therefore, the more exposed, to the insult and ravages of our natural enemies at this unhappy time, when we have lost our interest in the esteem and affection of our Parent State.

We, therefore, pray your Honours to take our case into your most serious consideration, and by passing an Act of Assembly establishing a Militia throughout this Government, grant us relief in the premises, and your Petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.