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Thirty-two Members of the Virginia Assembly


Williamsburgh, Virginia, March 8, 1776.

Yesterday thirty-two Members of the Assembly met at the Capitol, pursuant to adjournment; which not being a sufficient number to proceed on business, and no Representative of the King appearing, they thought proper farther to adjourn to the first Thursday in May next, when that honourable body will meet, as well as the General Convention, for the discussion of sundry important matters tending to the safety and well-being of the Colony, and of America in general.

At this time the saltpetre works at Warwick, Petersburgh, and Bland ford, produce full two hundred weight per day; and two other works now erecting on James-River will increase the quantity to upwards of three hundred and fifty


weight per day. A powder-mill is also erecting, which, when completed, will amply supply this Colony with that necessary article.