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Request of the General Court of Massachusetts to General Washington


[No˙ 6.]

In House of Representatives, July 29, 1775.

Resolved, That Doctor Church, Mr˙ Woodbridge, and Mr˙ Sewall, with such as the honourable Board shall join, be a Committee to wait on his Excellency General Washington, and inform him of the distressed situation of the inhabitants of the eastern parts of this Colony, and know of him if he can, consistent with his instructions and the general service, order a detachment there to prevent the enemy from ravaging the country, and plundering the inhabitants of their cattle, sheep, wood, &c˙, to supply themselves.

Sent up for concurrence.

JAS˙ WARREN, Speaker.

In Council, July 29, 1775.

Read and concurred, and Colonel Otis and Mr˙ Sever is joined. Attest:

PEREZ MORTON, Secretary pro tem.