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Committee to inquire into the cause of General Sullivan' s taking a House in Mystick for a Hospital


In Council, August 4, 1775: Read and concurred.

The House took under consideration the Petition of a number of the Inhabitants of Waltham against the election of Mr˙ Dix, and after debates thereon, the question was put, Whether Mr˙ Dix was duly chosen, and had a right to a seat in this House? and it passed in the negative.

On a motion, Ordered, That a new Precept be issued to the Inhabitants of the Town of Waltham for the choice of some person or persons to represent them in this House.

Mr˙ Dickerson was appointed in the room of Mr˙ Dix on the Committee of Accounts.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Derby, Mr˙ Lock, and Major Johnson, be a Committee to inquire into the cause of General Sullivan' s taking a House in the Town of Mistick for a Hospital.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to consider what Towns it would be expedient to draw Powder from, be a Committee to report some directions to those persons who may be employed to procure it.


Resolved, That Mr˙ William Greenleaf, Joseph Greenleaf, Esq˙, and Dr˙ Peter Roberts, be, and hereby are empowered to repair immediately to Chelsea, to take care and make provision for the poor distressed inhabitants of Boston now coming over Winnisimit Ferry.

A Petition of Mr˙ Elijah Babcock, praying this Court to give him an order on the Treasury for the payment of his account of sundry charges as Commissary in the Northern Department, was read, and committed to the Committee on Accounts.

Ordered, That Captain Balchelder, Colonel Orne, and Colonel Thompson, be a Committee to consider the Report of the Committee appointed to confer with Lewis, a Chief of the Caughnawaga Tribe of Indians, and report what is best to be done.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Bryant, Captain Goodman, and Colonel Cutt, with such as the honourable Board shall join, be a Committee to examine Mr˙ Edward Parry, who has been brought from Georgetown to this Court, in consequence of a Resolve of the late Provincial Congress, the 26th of June last, and report what is proper to be done with him.

In Council, August 3, 1775: Read and concurred, and Charles Chauncy and Benjamin Lincoln, Esquires, are joined.

A Petition of David Thompson, Junior, of Stoughton, who represents, that having lost his arm in the service of the Country, at Fort William Henry, he has received a yearly pension from this Colony till last year, and it being now discontinued, prays this Court to consider his indigent circumstances, and grant him relief, was read, and committed to Colonel Lovell, Colonel Cushing, and Mr˙ Sergeant.

The Committee appointed to consider the Report of the Committee of both Houses appointed to confer with Mr˙ Brown, on the situation of the Inhabitants of Boston, reported.

The Report was ordered to lie on the table.

The Report of the Committee on the Petition of the Committee of Inspection of the East Parish of the Town of Pownalborough, was considered, and accepted.

Resolved, That the facts alleged in the Petition of Timothy Langdon and others, Committee of Inspection for the East Parish of the Town of Pownalborough, against Mr˙ Abiel Wood, respecting his conduct, were proper to be considered by the Committee of Inspection, and that from their representation, they had sufficient evidence of the facts to deem him an enemy to his Country; and that Committtees of Inspection are the only bodies recommended by the Continental Congress to judge and determine respecting infringements of the Association of the Continental Congress; and that Committees of Correspondence are not authorized for that end; and that, from the representation made by the Committee of Inspection, this Court approve of their conduct.

In Council, August 3, 1775: Read and concurred.