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Letter from Governour Eden to Charles Carroll: Captain Montagu' s orders to receive on board and give protection to all British well-affected servants, are positive, and he does not consider it in his power to restore the runaway servants


His Majesty' s Ship Fowey, June 24, 1776.

SIR: In answer to your letter by Captain Stone, which I have just received, relative to the application made by Mr˙ Galloway and others, on account of some runaway servants, I can only say that Captain Montagu' s orders "to receive on board, and give protection to, all British well-affected subjects," are positive, and that he does not consider it in his power, consistently with those orders, to comply with your request.

He says you cannot consider this refusal any violation of the truce; that the Fowey has not, and will not, receive any runaway slaves on board; that he is bound by, and must follow, his instructions; that all vessels belonging to this place now alongside he intends giving up; and that he has never sent ashore to bring servants off, or encourage deserters. I can add no more than that every exertion of my interest or interposition on this subject must prove ineffectual against the King' s orders.

I hope we shall get away to-morrow, and not be delayed by any obstruction to the baggage or stock of the gentlemen here as yet not brought off.

Wishing peace and prosperity to the Province on constitutional principles, I am, sir, your obedient humble servant,


To Charles Carroll, Esq˙, Barrister, V˙ P˙ of the Council of Safety, Annapolis.