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Committee of War


The Congress were informed by a Member, that as the Ships-of-War are removed out of the East-River, Major-General Lee thinks this is a favourable time and opportunity to stop the Channel of the East-River, between the City and Nutten-Island, so as not to admit line-of-battle Ships, if it is practicable; which, if it can be done, may save at least the east part of the City; that General Lee desires the advice of this Congress in the premises:

Thereupon, Ordered, That the Committee of War attend on General Lee, and confer with him on tile practicability of stopping the Channel in the East-River; and that the said Committee of War report thereon to this Congrass at four o' clock this afternoon.

The Members present were charged from the Chair to keep secret the subject-matter of the last order, and every argument, matter, and tiling mentioned, relating to stopping up the Channel; and the several Members engaged on their honours respectively to keep the same secret.