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Major Lockwood to repair immediately to Poundridge and Bedford


A Letter from Joshua Ambler, Chairman of the Committee of Poundridge, in Westchester County, dated the 15th instant, informing that there is danger of the Prisoners of War going off to the enemy, as one of them is already gone off to Long-Island:

Thereupon Resolved. That Major Lockwood repair immediately to Poundridge and Bedford, in Westchester County, to inquire into the state of the Prisoners of War confined there; and if he should find it necessary, that he cause the Privates to be conveyed, under a proper guard, to Woodbury, in the State of Connecticut; and that the Officers who are prisoners on parole, to Dansbury, in the same State. Major Lockwood to be furnished with the blank paroles, to be by him filled up for such of the said Prisoners as are confined there on parole, the old paroles to be cancelled; and that Major Lockwood, at his discretion, settle with and advance to the Prisoners the rations and other provisions allowed by the Resolve of Congress, as may appear to him to be justly due to them.