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First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Battalions of Associators, of Philadelphia


At a meeting of the Associators of the Fifth Battalion of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia, on the usual place of parade, in consequence of notice given to them on the 6th instant that their sense respecting a new Government of this Province, and the mode proposed for obtaining it, &c˙, would this day be freely taken,

The Colonel, Timothy Matlack, informed them that since he had proposed this meeting for the above, among other purposes, he had been waited upon with the following Resolution of the Committee of Privates of the five Battalions:

"In Committee of Privates, June 6, 1776.

"Moved, and unanimously agreed to, That an application be made to the Officers of the several Battalions to take the sense of each Battalion, whether they will support the Resolve of Congress of the 15th ultimo, and the Proceedings of the publick meeting held the 20th following, in consequence thereof.

"A true copy:


He said he was happy to find that his own idea of the propriety of this measure was supported by so respectable a body as the Committee of Privates.