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Mar 2


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, March 2, 1776.

Parole, Neilson.

Countersign, Adams.

Upon any alarm, Colonel Patterson' s Regiment is immediately to repair to Lechmere' s, leaving one Captain, two Subalterns, two Sergeants, and fifty rank and file, in the work leading to the bridge.

Colonel Bond' s Regiment is instantly to march to Cobble-Hill, and Colonel Sargent' s Regiment to the North, Middle, and South Redoubts. This is to be considered as a standing order, until countermanded.

Generals Heath' s, Sullivan' s, Greene' s, and Frye' s Brigades are, in rotation, to march a Regiment an hour before day, every morning, into the works on Lechmere' s Point and Cobble-Hill, five Companies of which to go to the former, and three to the latter; they are to remain in the works until sun-rise.

The Field-Officers for the guards at Lechmere' s Point, Cobble-Hill, and Ploughed-Hill, are to consist of Lieutenant-Colonels and Majors, as those for the day are Colonels.

The commanding officers of Regiments who have neglected to see their men supplied with fascines, are immediately to order every non-commissioned officer and soldier to provide one good fascine, which is to be put under a sentry of the quarter-guard of the Regiment.