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Meeting of Lancaster (Virginia) Volunteers



At a meeting of the Volunteer Company of Lancaster County, on Friday, June 9, 1775:

Resolved, That every Member of this Company do return thanks to the worthy Captain Patrick Henry and the Volunteer Company of Hanover, for their spirited conduct on a late expedition, and they are determined to protect him from any insult that may be offered him on that account, at the risk of life and fortune.

Resolved, That we are determined to defend our worthy Speaker, and the rest of our worthy Delegates, who have so nobly exerted themselves in the cause of America; and all other friends to American liberty, whom the abandoned tools of Administration may dare to attack.

Resolved, That notice be given to the Volunteer Company of the City of Williamsburgh that this Company bind themselves by the sacred ties of honour and love for their Country, to join them on the smallest warning, and march to any part of the Colony in defence of liberty, and that they concur with them in opinion that landing any foreign forces at this time in this Country will be a dangerous attack on the liberties of the same; and therefore if any such should be landed, they are determined, with the assistance of their countrymen, immediately to oppose them.

Resolved, That a copy of the aforesaid Resolutions be transmitted to Mr˙ John Pinkney, and that he be desired to print the same in his Gazette as soon as convenient.