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General Gates to General Schuyler



Albany, 1st December, 1776.

DEAR GENERAL: Enclosed is a publick letter I received yesterday evening. As it contained nothing that required immediate despatch, I deferred sending an express until this morning. General Arnold sends you his opinion of the subject of a boom, with a draft. I think I remember to have been told that the boom which is placed to defend the dock-yard at Portsmouth is a very heavy chain, which lays at the bottom of the water; at each end thereof is fastened a strong cable, which is fixed to a capstan; whenever it is necessary to raise the boom, the capstans are manned, and the chain hove as near the surface of the water as is thought necessary. This boom is placed under the cover of two strong batteries of cannon, and would also be protected by ships-of-war moored across the channel.

There is a report here that the King of England is dead.

I am, &c˙,


To the Honourable Major-General Schuyler.