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Letter from John Schuyler to the New-York Delegates in Congress



New-York, June 7, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: My misfortune in having a brig of mine seized the 3d of November last by one of Lord Dunmore' s cruisers, and carried to Norfolk, in Virginia, loaded with rum, sugar, molasses, and salt; his Lordship ordered a Court to be held for the trial of the vessel and cargo, and has condemned part of the cargo; the rest of the cargo that was not condemned, he ordered the supercargo to sell at auction to the fleet, which was done to a very great loss; the vessel was cleared by the Court, she being registered in Jamaica.

A few days ago Captain Wright, of the above vessel, arrived here by land from Virginia; he now accompanies my brother Philip. The Captain gives me great hopes of recovering the money of that part of the cargo sold in the fleet by the supercargo, which still lies in his hands.

The favour that I would now beg leave to ask is, to procure a pass from the honourable Continental Congress for my brother, Philip Schuyler, and Captain Jacob Wright, to the commanding officer at Norfolk, to procure a flag for them to pass through the lines, so as to get to the supercargo on board the brig in Dunmore' s fleet.

Your interest in this matter will be of service to, gentlemen, your most obedient, humble servant,


To Francis Lewis, John Alsop, and Philip Livingston.