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Reply of the President to the address of the House


Message from the President by the Clerk of the Legislative Council:

"Mr˙ SPEAKER: The President is now in the Council Chamber, ready to receive the House with their Address."

And then the Messenger withdrew.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Speaker do sign the engrossed Address to be presented to the President.

Then Mr˙ Speaker, with the House, attended his Excellency in the Council Chamber; and being returned, Mr˙ Speaker reported that he, with the House, having attended the President in the Council Chamber with their Address in answer to his Speech, his Excellency had been pleased to reply in the following words:

"Mr˙ SPEAKER AND GENTLEMEN: This most honourable reward cannot fail to make the deepest impression upon generous minds. It will increase, the laudable ambition of those on whom it is conferred, and excite others to emulate that fame which they have acquired. May the happiest consequences be derived to the United States from the independence of America, who could not obtain even peace, liberty, and safety by any other means. Your disposition and assurances afford a confident expectation that this session will be usefully employed.


"21st September, 1776."

Ordered, That his Excellency' s Speech, delivered to both Houses, the Address of this House In answer thereto, and his Excellency' s Reply, be forthwith printed and made publick.