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Report of the Committee Appointed to Confer with General Schuyler


The Committee who waited on General Schuyler returned, and their Report was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

Major General Schuyler is directed by the Continental Congress to repair as soon as conveniently he can to the Posts of Ticonderoga and Crown Point, to examine into the state thereof, and of the Troops now stationed there, and how they are supplied with Provisions and necessary Stores; into the state, also, of the Sloop and other navigation on the Lakes; also, to obtain the best intelligence he can of the disposition of the Canadians and Indians in Canada; and that he give orders for the necessary preparation of Boats and Stores for securing the United Colonies the command of those waters adjacent to Crown Point and Ticonderoga. In order to carry this service into execution, he will require the Stores of which General Schuyler will furnish the Congress with an estimate, as soon as possible. As it is probable the Troops which are


now here will be ordered to the northward, and as some of their arms are out of repair, he wishes that Armourers may immediately be provided to put those arms which may require it into repair.