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List of Company Officers in the New-York Regiments, who served the late campaign in Canada


A list of the Officers who served the late campaign in CANADA, with their proper rank according to the first arrangement.
Marinus Willet, second, in First Regiment.
William Goforth, fourth, in First Regiment.
Lewis Dubois, fourth, in Third Regiment.
Jacobus Bruyn, seventh, in Third Regiment.
David Palmer, tenth, in Tenth Regiment.
First Lieutenants.
William Gilleylen, second, in First Regiment.
David Dubois, second, in Third Regiment.
Samuel Sacket, second, in Fourth Regiment.
Elias Van Bunschoten, fourth, in Third Regiment.
Aaron Aerson, fifth, in First Regiment.
Samuel Pell, fifth, in Fourth Regiment.
Thomas De Witt, seventh, in Third Regiment.
Jonathan Pearse, eighth, in First Regiment.
Cornelius T˙ Jansen, ninth, in Third Regiment.
Matthias Clarke, tenth, in First Regiment.
Second Lieutenants.
Richard Platt, first, in First Regiment.
James Grey, second, in Third Regiment.
John Houston, fifth, in First Regiment.
Isaac Van Wert, fifth, in Fourth Regiment.
Daniel Gano, sixth, in First Regiment.
Albert Paulding, seventh, in Third Regiment.
Garret Van Wagener, eighth, in First Regiment.
Philip D˙ Bevier, tenth, in Third Regiment.
William Mathewman, tenth, in Fourth Regiment.
James Dow, appointed at St˙ John' s.
Isaiah Wool, Lieutenant, fire-worker in Captain Lamb' s company of Artillery.