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Report of the Committee


The Committee appointed to bring in a Resolve for giving currency to the Notes of the other Governments, reported as follows, viz:

Whereas, the Officers and Privates of the Regiments from the adjoining Colonies have brought with them some of the Notes and Bills of Credit of the respective Colonies to which they belong, with which they may have occasion to purchase articles for their support and comfort:

Therefore, Resolved, That it be, and it hereby is recommended to all the good people of this Colony to give a ready currency to such Notes and Bills of Credit, as it will be for the benefit of the Army, and tend to a continuance of the happy union at present subsisting among the Colonies; and any person who shall ask discount on such Notes and Bills, shall be deemed inimical to his Country.

The Report was ordered to lie on the table till Mr˙ Sullivan had brought in the Resolve for which he was just now appointed.